Young Hollywood

Young Hollywood / Stars are DocuFilmFestival Special Ambassadors.

How they contribute to the overall cause of empowering and inspiring Millennials, the youth; how early they joined the cause; how often they frequent and/or coordinate their effort with the festival; and finally, what are the results of their effort compare to their counterparts matter.

DocuFilmFestival is a global platform where new and professional global documentary makers and young and up-and-coming-stars-of-today benefit from the dynamics of working together and challenging one another with their achievements in winning the hearts and minds of the Millennials and others in California and around the world.

DocuFilmFestival appreciate the participation and contributions of these young stars to the festival and excited to work with them.

Special Ambassadors / April 2016

  1. Cody Saintgneu
  2. Alyson Stoner
  3. Erin Sanders
  4. James Cullen Bressack
  5. Karlee Roberts
  6. Marlee Roberts
  7. Dru Davis