WelcomeCocktail, one of the three must attend VIPEvents. It is glamorous and entertaining. It is also functional. It is a meet & greet.

Annually, local Californians come together. It is for leaders and elected officials. It is by invitation only. In 2016, mayors from Inland Empire are invited. Their council members are also included. Senators and assemblymen and women from Sacramento, supervisors and county leaders complete the list. Some members of the US Congress are also in the list.

It is no agenda annual event. Some come for fun. Some come to see friends and colleagues. Some come for no reason. It is the end of the year event. It is time to celebrate and reflect. But also to take pride and explore what and how this festival seeks to bring to the region.

Awards and plackets are presented when applies.


WelcomeCocktail is also the Kick-Off-Event of the festival. It is an event to enjoy an American phenomena: American democracy in action.

It is a cocktail party. Not a sit-down affair. Yet, VIPs dress formally. Visitors don’t have to. To book click here now!