Volunteers are essential to the success of the festival. Their numbers grow with the number of visitors. Docu Film expects to have thousands of daily visitors. Hundreds of VIPs to attend its events. Also, many film makers and industry execs. They must all be guided properly in order for the festival to become successful. Volunteers play an important role.

If you reside within Menifee city limit, you can apply to become a volunteer. Proximity to the festival matters. It is a 9 am to 9 pm affair. And every day is the same. It is fun but there is not time to commute long hours. So it is practical to live in Menifee or vicinity and do volunteer work.

Yet, volunteer work is open to others too. But it is first come first served basis. Plus, volunteering opens horizons. First of all, volunteers meet people. Lots of people. Both within the state, across America, but also from overseas. If you are from Menifee, volunteer work ensures the success of the festival. In turn, festival brings lots of benefits to the city and the region.

Some sure to find jobs, having volunteered. The goal of this festival is two fold. One is to educate. Two to create new jobs. How soon is the question. What kind of job is another. The answer for the first question is within the year. As for the second question, the answer is not definitive. It could be a media or entertainment industry related employment. Or hospitality for that matter. Neither is available in the region at this time. Festival is meant to bring such jobs.


Who can be a volunteer? The answer is ‘anybody.’ Very young should become a volunteer with the hope of finding a paying job. Middle age residents should have the same aspiration at the least. After all, as the festival will grow, there will be new paying jobs within the festival’s operation. Since festival is meant to bring additional companies that make the festival possible, those companies will be looking for the right help.

Volunteers can also join the festival for the spirit. After all it is a documentary film festival. It involves Hollywood celebrities but also aspiring new comers to the industry. It is a vibrant environment. It is fun and exiting. It is a place that elevates the spirits.

D2D is a magnet for volunteers
Volunteers can make use of this app to find interesting partners and projects.

Inquire to volunteer.