VIPS has a special place at DocuFilm Festival

Helene Gallan Lionel RichieWho are the VIPs?

Partners, filmmakers, friends.

But also interns, volunteers, donors, visitors.

They are all equally very important part of the festival. Without their participation there is no festival.

VIPs attend VIPEvents

The festival focuses on three main events. They are tailored for VIPs.  These events define the purpose of the festival. They bring out the benefits for all to share.

VIPs attend Mayor’s Welcome Cocktail. There, domestic and overseas investors meet & greet. Together with local leaders, they mingle. They form partnerships. The benefits are cherished by everybody in the region.

Globe trotting elite attend President’s Reception. Ripple effect of their meeting with the GMs of the great hotels of the world may not have a direct effect for everybody. Yet, this event has a greater purpose than direct benefits to the well-to-do.

This event means to draw wealthy elite to a region where they would not normally come in bunches. Unless they come and see, wealthy will never care about the area. In other words, festival does not attract the wealthy but VIPEvents do. They do because they offer something of value to them. Having brought them there is half of the work. The other is to get them learn about the area and invest for its future.

ICONS Gala Dinner is for all the VIPs of the world. It is better, bigger and much more glamorous event than the previous two. Here, exposure is maximum. Celebrity power is there. Political leaders also attend. Power, money and fame together make wonders.

Simply put, without the VIPs there is no festival.

Festival is not only to screen documentaries for public to watch, jury to vote, filmmakers to cherish the trophy. Festival is to reach out to masses, it is to introduce the documentaries and filmmakers to the world at large. To do so requires lots of resources. Resources come from the resourceful, the wealthy, the VIPs.

Wealthy VIPs, together with the rest make this festival a success. Simple is that!

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