FestivalGrounds at the Santa Rosa Academy is divided into zones to accommodate more visitors at most affordable prices to enjoy the most

Venues, Zones & Set Up Rules

DocuFilmFestival grounds make this documentary festival one of a kind: it is a campus, with landscaped plots, manicured to taste, functional, modern and accented buildings spread across 25 acre secluded compound. It is designed like if it is the magical disney land. It is a very pleasant place, in an undisturbed horizon, rising like a statuesque vista.

Actually, it is a charter school, created by a handful of caring founders- mothers and fathers who are teachers: they joined forces as a private initiative with one goal in mind: to educate their kids. Their leader is a unique and smart teacher and mother herself, Laura Badillo. They have created a dream school both in appearance and substance.

It is called Santa Rosa Academy. One must visit to experience it. DocuFilmFestival could not have chosen a better property to embark on its mission.


DocuFilmFestival transforms Santa Rosa Academy into zones identified with this property with YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN, RED and BLACK&WHITE colors during the festival week December 4 through 11, 2016.

All of 25 acres in this compound is identified as the YELLOW zone. RED zone is reserved for Sponsors. VIP events, Red Carpet, documentary screenings take place in the BLACK&WHITE zone. GREEN zone is reserved for Digi-Expo- trade fair. BLUE zones are for Workshops and Master Classes.

There is a second campus in Menifee for the festival. Same coloring arrangements apply there.


To accommodate bigger and bigger number of visitors while preventing traffic congestion and providing the best possible security system.  Festival increases number of campuses to accommodate greater number of visitors.

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