Vill d'Este in Chernobio Italy, one of a dozen strategicpartners of DocuFilm. Hotel operates only six months a year and most of its guests are Americans.

Docu Film is an int’l entity. It is based in southern California. It has business partners. Some of them are called strategicpartners.

Strategicpartners do not sell products or services to local visitors. Sponsors and exhibitors do. They instead focus on “Our Circles.” They offer high-value items. They deal with VIPs. They promote brands. The make Friends.

They make the festival global and year round. They offer forums and programs. They provide variety of choices. Docu Film joins them in events. Clients cherish them. Cross promos are win-win-win.

Their brand equally benefits. They acquire new and wealthy clients. They expand their market. Docu Film events make their acquisition cost go down. Return in their investment goes up. They enjoy captive audience and repeat customers.


Docu Film establishes exclusive relationships with strategicpartners.

President’s Reception creates an annual forum for them. It hosts “PartneringHotelsWorldwide.” They are the great hotels of the world. Home for the elite of the world. New ones are added to the list as it expands.

Chairwoman’s Circle does the same with the leading TV and print outlets across the globe. They are in all major media markets. Chair woman has business relationship with them. Her exclusives have been appearing on them past 2 decades.

Mayor’s Welcome Cocktail is the VIPEvent to honor public representatives. Including ambassadors.

Film schools are addressed at two other VIPEvents. Santa Rosa Sports Night honors some. Mt San Jacinto Finale highlights others.


They are the film festivals, film schools, hotels, countries, media outlets.  Also trade associations and film industry.

So far, hotels are on board. They are from Europe and north America. Countries are submitting films. Europe and M. East are in the lead. Media outlets are contributing variety of ways. And they are global giants.

In north America, they are film schools. Alumni are invited to submit and compete.

High schools and colleges from CA have a priority. Santa Rosa Academy and Mt. San Jacinto College are the two from Menifee. They are also the homes for the film festival.