Santa Rosa SRI

Laura Badillo, Director of DocuFilm and Principal of Santa Rosa Academy. Interns receive their tasks and projects from Docu Film through email:

SRI – Santa Rosa Intern plays a crucial role in the festival.

Docu Film plans to bring on board tens of SRIs. First set of interns will be involved with Media and Diplomacy. Social Media is next. Film making will be another.

The semester work for the interns starts on September 6. It ends on December 16.

SRIs must complete 60 hours of work in this period of time. 20 hours of this work to be completed in Sept and Oct. The rest, 40 hours, in Nov and Dec: When it is crunch time and during the festival.

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SRI is a vital contributor to Docu Film.

SRI handles important tasks and projects. Tasks involve handling visitors. Visitors consist of members of media and VIPs. Projects involve social media, website design, music events. SRI works with pros and supervisors. SRI brings energy to the grown up work.

SRI interns at work for DocuFilm during a press conference at Santa Rosa Academy with Ambassadors attending: CHIVU or Romania, GRGIC of Croatia,, KARAHALIOS of Greece, VANTIEGHEM of Belgium, BRYMORA of Poland.
SRI interns at work for DocuFilm during a press conference at Santa Rosa Academy with Ambassadors attending: CHIVU or Romania, GRGIC of Croatia,, KARAHALIOS of Greece, VANTIEGHEM of Belgium, BRYMORA of Poland.

Two of the most urgent tasks for an SRI involve the members of media and the VIPs.

SRI learns how to deal with the members of media. SRI receives them at the main gate. Issue their credentials. Escort them to the press gathering area. Guide them to their seats, or to their spots, if they are filming. Offer them hospitality.

SRIs also monitor them. They learn how to deal with the press. They also learn that they are in control of the press area. They are in charge there, not the members of media. Yet, they also learn that they have to let them do their job. It is called “Freedom of Press.” As an intern they learn how to balance these two.

Those SRIs that deal with the VIPs go through the same process. They receive them. But when they get off their limos. Before they get to the gate. VIPs don’t look for the gate. They are escorted through. SRIs announce who they are when they are in close proximity to them. And then, they guide the VIPs (dignitaries) by leading them. The goal is to assist them to a private quarter. And quickly.

There, SRI job is almost done. VIPs do not need to be watched over. Next time to visit VIPs is when they are to be escorted to their seats at VIPEvents. Or when they need to move again from one spot to another. Other times, the VIPs need their privacy. Their needs have urgency. SRI learns to attend them promptly.


Handling members of media and the VIPs differ in style and tone. They both involve leg-work. There may not seem to be much paperwork involved. Yet SRIs in both cases have some desk work to do.

First of all, everybody gets a “Ground Pass.” IDs must be prepared. Before that, a list must be maintained. List means doing follow up. That involves making phone calls, sending emails, updating information on online platforms. It also means posting signs.

Second, the areas reserved for the members of media and the VIPs must be taken care of. The chairs, couches, podiums, tables must be set. Approved promos must be placed promptly. Quarters must be tailored to the needs of the guests. For example, members of media need access to electricity. The VIPs require privacy.


Then there are dos and don’ts.¬†Attention to detail or task at hand is very important.

Lastly, SRIs that are assigned to tasks can not eat, drink, sit down or socialize with others when at work.

The ones assigned to projects can do all that. Eating, drinking, socializing, sitting down.. They are all part of the nature of the work.


Learning about and working with Media and the VIPs are very important. They are very visible works at the festival. An SRI gains a lot from these tasks. It is exposure to pros and adults at their game. High stake game.

But a festival consists of many other important tasks and projects. They are as important. Sometime more important. Yet less visible. Without them there would be no festival. The website, online platforms, social media, filming, sound, graphics, security, music, video are all vital areas. Each section is to be populated with pupil as the festival grows.

Santa Rosa Academy will post a guide for the interns in a prominent location. Plus, a SRI desk will be set up during the festival. Number of SRI desks may be increased as needed. Interns will run these desks. Interns are advised to get their info only from these desks.


Santa Rosa student can submit a documentary, including SRI, until Nov 10, 2016 to qualify for competition. But it is better if they submit it two weeks before the deadline. That will give time to reedit it if necessary.

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