Promotion in the festival

DocuFilmFestival has wide ranging and effective promotional value to commercial interests locally in California, domestically across north America and internationally in all continents.

Promotion with DocuFilmFestival comes many different ways: direct and indirect, employing variety of mediums from BLACK&WHITE, RED, GREEN, BLUE and YELLOW zone displays in the festival grounds to be visited by thousands visitors daily to traditional mass media print and broadcast outlets to online social media platforms, reaching millions of audience at a time to cross promotions with the strategic partners of the festivals around the world.

Inquire with us, or roam through this website, and then contact us after you familiarize yourself with our offerings.

Also, don’t forget to take your place on our Dare to Dream, D2D app we are continuously developing in conjunction with the Hollywood star power this festival has already on board: they are actively participating on projects and events of the festival.

To employ promotional means the festival offers, and packages to chose from, please click here.