CA Docu Film programs include ICONS series documentaries

The Program is designed with many in mind. It is tailored to varied audiences. Local residents receive discounts. Others are catered. The Festival highlights diversity.

In this inaugural year, the goal is to provide venues to two kinds of audience.

A) Guests. They are invited to the VIP events.

B) Visitors. They are there to enjoy the documentaries.

The documentaries are screened at the Santa Rosa Academy (SRA) and Mt San Jacinto College (MSCJ). (See table below for dates and times.)

In this inaugural year,  the screenings are open to public and free of charge.

The Program 

The main events of Docu Film are designed to go in effect over time. They are to become pillars of this project. They are set up to highlight issues, causes and to raise funds to give opportunities and empower to the youth.

  • Welcome Cocktail Always the first Sunday of the festival. Brings together elected elite of CA in a meet & greet.
  • Millennial Night Out The music night. The concert of the event.

    The Kid from Detroit is part of the Program
    Filmed with Kid Rock. Sheryl Crow also takes part. Released in 2016 at the CA Docu Film Festival.
The PremierEvents of the Inaugural Year- 2016
Filmed with Andrea Bocelli and his family, Maestro at Home is another one of the four “ICONS in their own words” series. Released in Docu Film 2016. Exec. produced by Barak and Gunasti. It is a love story. Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones are part of it. Also includes segments and anecdotes on Mohammed Ali and Pope’s latest visit to the US with Bocelli.
One of the other four “ICONS in their own words” series documentaries. Released in Docu Film 2016. Exec. produced by Barak and Gunasti. Citizen Shimon is the history of modern Israel. It is narrated by the late president of Israel Shimon Peres. Doc. opens with Robert DeNiro. Kathleen Turner is also included. Dr. Henry Kissinger puts a historic perspective. Bill Clinton, Queen of England are some of the other dignitaries…

Thursday, December 8, in Temecula

AUTISM: World premier of 3 films. An exhibition of art by autistic youth. Plus a VIP reception.

Friday, December 9, in SRA

Tribute to SHIMON PERES of Israel, VACLAV HAVEL of Czech Rep., and MARCH AIR RESERVE BASE. Plus a SHORT on Holocaust. A VIP reception, hosted by Poland.

Saturday, December 10, in SRA

EMPOWERING WOMEN: American premier of films made by women and about women. Plus VIP receptions, hosted by Czech Rep., Germany and Greece.

TERRORISM: American premier of 2 films, documenting tragedies. Plus a discussion with the director.

Sunday, December 11, in SRA

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: American premier of 3 films. Plus a VIP reception, hosted by Croatia. A special award given to Senator Jeff Stone.

Monday, December 12, in Palm Springs

THANK YOU FOR SERVING / VETERANS: Screening of 2 films. Plus a VIP reception. A special award given to a veteran.


The Program for PremierEvents in 2016 establishes a standard package.

  • Each PremierEvent screens an ICONS documentary and has either a reception or an after party or both.
  • Plus, at least, three full length docs are screened during each one of the events. One also includes an exhibition on autism.
  • They are by invitation only.
  • The producers with docs make the invite lists.
  • They are designed to publicize issues and causes highlighted in the documentaries.

The program allows more options for viewers. The screenings start 4 pm at SRA and 6 pm at MSJC. They start earlier on Saturday and Sunday. They end 8 pm at SRA and 10 pm at MSJC. They are open to public with a school, college, base and government issued ID.




Documentaries in the inaugural year – 2016
DocumentaryMin FromTime/Loc Time/Loc
Monday, Dec 5
The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alev 60/Israel 5PM/SRA 7PM/MSJC
Silicon Wadi 60/US 6PM/SRA 8PM/MSJC
Partner with the Enemy 60 /Israel 7PM/SRA 9PM/MSJC
Tuesday, Dec 6
Seeds of Life 60/Israel 5PM/SRA 7PM/MSJC
The Scouts 60/Belgium 6PM/SRA 8PM/MSJC
Wednesday, Dec 7
Pregnant 60/Greece 4PM/SRA 6PM/MSJC
Czech Beer War 60/Czech Rep. 5PM/SRA 7PM/MSJC
The Longest Run 60/Greece 6PM/SRA 8PM/MSJC
Sugar Blues 80/Czech Rep. 7PM/SRA 9PM/MSJC
Thursday, Dec 8
My Special Brother 60/Israel 4PM/SRA 6PM/MSJC
Art Exhibition N/A 4PM/TEMECULA N/A
Fish out of Water 20/US 4:30PM/SRA 7PM/MSJC
Autism Behind Camera 60/US 6PM/SRA 8PM/MSJC
Autism Behind Camera 60/US 5PM/TEMECULA N/A
America's Son: JFK Jr. 60/ICONS 7PM/TEMECULA N/A
America's Son: JFK Jr. 60/ICONS 7PM/SRA 9PM/MSJC
Friday, Dec 9
Citizen Havel 60/Czech Rep. 4PM/SRA 7PM/MSJC
Touch of an Angel 20/Poland 5PM/SRA 8PM/MSJC
Legacy of the Future 40/US 6PM/SRA 6PM/MSJC
VIP Reception N/A 6:45PM/SRA N/A
Citizen Shimon 60/ICONS 7:30PM/SRA 8:30PM/MSJC
Saturday, Dec 10
Sugar Blues 80/Czech Rep. 2PM/SRA 4PM/MSJC
Daphna Meir's 30 Days 60/Israel 3PM/SRA 5PM/MSJC
Empty Room 60/Belgium 4PM/SRA 6PM/MSJC
Unfinished Discussion 20/Czech Rep. 5PM/SRA 7PM/MSJC
Cafe Naggler 60/Germany 5:20PM/SRA 7:20PM/MSJC
VIP Reception by Belgium, Czech Rep., Germany, Greece N/A 6:20PM/SRA N/A
Maestro at Home 60/ICONS 7PM/SRA 8:20PM/MSJC
Sunday, Dec 11
Silvered Water Portrait of Syria 90/France 12:30PM/SRA 2PM/MSJC
Anne Frank 60/Croatia 2:00/SRA 3:30PM/MSJC
VIP Reception by Croatia N/A 3PM/SRA N/A
Women in Sink 60/Israel 4PM/SRA 5PM/MSJC
From Man to Man 20/Israel 5PM/SRA 6PM/MSJC
Jerusalem ER 20/Israel 5:30PM/SRA 7:30PM/MSJC
The Kid from Detroit 60/ICONS 7PM/SRA 8PM/MSJC
Monday, Dec 12
Legacy of the Future 40/US 4PM/PS N/A
Citizen Shimon 60/ICONS 6PM/PS N/A