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Contributor Friend – President’s CIRCLE


Product Description

A Friend of California DocuFilmFestival is a philanthropist, making tax-deductible charitable contribution to the festival’s “Health, Education and Hope” foundation.

A Contributor Friend is also considered to be in the President’s Circle, meaning these friends came on board primarily believing the cause and the people behind the cause, namely the President and the Chairwoman, and in that order.

A Contributor Friend does not have to belong to the President’s Circle which comes with additional benefits and responsibilities not described here. If you wish to be included in the President’s Circle please learn more. Click here!

Philanthropic contributions from FRIENDS are used primarily on health and education related projects. A Friend is elected to the board of the project where the funds are dedicated and may assume a role on the board of the project according to the tier of contribution (see scale below).

Top of the scale Friend also sits on the HEH board which approves projects coming from all boards.

A project can only be implemented under the umbrella of Friends of California DocuFilmFestival after it receives a final approval from the Executive Board of the festival.

Friend Tiers

  1. Leader                 100,000
  2. Champion            50,000
  3. Patron                  25,000
  4. Benefactor            15,000
  5. Supporter             10,000     Chairwoman’s CIRCLE
  6. Contributor           5,000      President’s CIRCLE
  7. Friend                    2,500
  8. Senior                    1,000
  9. Junior                       500


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