Hollywood legends and Oscar winners at DocuFilmFestival President'sReception

The great hotels of the world & the President’sReception.

What do they have in common?

The Friends of the festival are VIPs. They attend the President’sReception.

President hosts it with GM’s of the great hotels. They are integral part of the lifestyle of these VIPs.

They are called Partnering Hotels Worldwide (PHW). Each PHW comes from a world city like London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, New York, Miami, Beverly Hills, Tel Aviv… They are hand picked. Because they are frequented by VIPs. But, they are also home-away-home for the founders of the festival.

President’sReception brings together GMs of these PHWs. There they meet & greet VIPs. It is a functional event. It is by invitation only. It is in a glamorous atmosphere. Full of surprises and entertainment.

Official Resort of the Festival (ORF) hosts the guests together with PHWs.


President’sReception has priorities. It is set up first the interests of GMs. They are friends of the founders: President and Chairwoman of the festival. They are there to meet with the VIPs. They are there to pitch their hotels to the wealthy. They are there to make money.

VIPs attend for the same reason. They are to get the best deals. No, they are not booking rooms. They are meeting GMs of the PHWs.

That’s how they are getting red carpet treatments.


Every they check in one of these PHWs.

How does it work?

They don’t make the line to register. Rather, they are picked up from their limo by a butler or manager. Then they make an entrance. Other guests of the hotel notice them. Their luggage heads up to the room on its own.

Simply put, they are pre-checked-in. By the way, they are also pre-checked-out!

It is like the royalty. They are treated like one.


If you think a hotel should be a PHW, let us know. Also let us know, if you are a Friend or a Business Partner of the festival. Contact us! We will include you in the VIP list.

*The Grand Budapest Hotel did not make the list but, here are some of the PHWs invited so far.

  1. Cafe Royal, London, UK
  2. Le Fouquet’s, Paris, France
  3. Villa D’Este, Chenobbio, Italy
  4. Trump International, New York, New York
  5. Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly Hills, California
  6. Delano South Beach, South Beach, Miami, Florida
  7. Divan, Istanbul, Turkey
  8. Hotel Barriere Le Majestic, Cannes France
  9. Maxx Royal, Kemer, Turkey
  10. Dan Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel
  11. Hotel Bayerisher Hof, Munchen, Germany
  12. Hotell Reisen First Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden

To make a reservation at the President’sReception, click here!

*Information regarding PHWs, and their presence at the festival will be announced with a press release.