Friends of the festival attend VIPEvents. They support charitable projects. Friends come from all walks of life, income, corner of the world and beliefs.

President’sCircle generate funds for charitable projects. It is composed of Donors. They are mainly philanthropists. They are also known as the “Contributing Friends” of the festival. They make use of 501C3. They join forces with celebrities. They promote projects. They are privy to the VIPEvents , organized by the DocuFilm. They enjoy them during the festival and beyond.

Contributing Friends select the causes they would like to support. Their means and interests determines the scope. They come from California, north America and world at large. The causes they support vary. They are basically educational or health related.


President organizes a VIPEvent annually. It is during the festival. Friends of the festival attend this reception. President’sCircle – Contributing Friends join other VIPs and celebrities. It is a functional meet&greet.


Contributing Friends attend events beyond festival dates. They are held in various cities around the world. They are organized year round at the PartneringHotels (PHW) of the festival. In these events, DocuFilm screens documentaries.

Contributing Friends enjoy privileges at PHWs. PHWs extend special attention to the members of the President’sCircle. It is like a cosy club. GMs of PHWs are also members of it.

President’sCircle also includes “Junior Friends” of the festival. The main role of the Junior Friends is to organize events in their locals. President of the festival overseas their events.


President’sCircle has two goals.

One is to bring GMs of PHWs and VIPs together. And to make it beneficial for both of them. GMs get new wealthy clients for their PHWs. VIPs receive special deals from GMs.

The other is to have a ripple effect from this encounter. The locals must benefit. The Millennials must benefit. The festival must benefit. President believes Junior Friends of the festival can become the third partner to the GMs and the VIPs. All three can share the spoils and distribute it to the locals as well.

All three can work together on a win-win-win plan!