President’s Message

Dear film makers – Friends, the president of the festival invites you to join Docu Film.

We have decided to build something great, glamorous, and international in southern California. We are appealing to everybody from 9 years old to 89. We have divided this appeal into four group in order to fulfill needs and desires of all attendees effectively.

  • Millennials 9-29
  • Youngsters 29-49
  • Producers 49-69
  • Wiser-ones 69-89

There is something worthwhile for everybody under this umbrella we are building. We call it California DocuFilmFestival. It is an annual event in December in Menifee, but it is also designed to involve Friends throughout the year in variety of locations worldwide.

Here little bit about me and my partner, Chairwoman of the festival.

Why the president wants you to become a Friend of the festival?
President Bill Gunasti with Avi Lerner Daphne Barak Jon Voight Paul Sorvino
Chairwoman and President of the festival with Hollywood legends

Friends of the festival are primarily philanthropists, small and big. Friends with resources grow the number of Friends for the festival.

This festival is being developed to make new friends, all kinds of friends. For some, it is simply an invitation to the lifestyle they are familiar with, and more. For the rest, it is an exposure to what may become part of their lifestyle.

If you are already a Friend of the festival, contact us directly so we can explore how it would work for you.  If you are not a Friend yet, we encourage you to contact us so we can include you. We welcome everyone.

Unless we hear from you, we will never know the full impact of what could this be for you. You may win a prize, be exposed to Friends that may make a difference in life. One thing for sure, it will be a unique experience for everyone because we are turning the ordinary meaning of festival into something more practical and useful for wide variety of demographics.

It is a lifestyle old and young, rich and poor can enjoy and cherish in their own environments, privacy and comfort zone.

A pager can explain it so much, you have to be part of it to enjoy it and find out for  yourself.

See you in Menifee in December!

  • Bill Gunasti
  • President
  • California Docu Film Festival LLC


Sheryl Crow n President Bill Gunasti
President of the festival Bill Gunasti with Sheryl Crow