Business Partners

What’s more important to a new venture than a great business idea? Finding the right business partners.

Docu Film not only finds them, but also keeps them. Docu Film widens its vision promptly with them.

Business partners join the festival to promote their brands, products and services. They attend VIPEvents for functional meet & greets. They meet with potential partners. Overseas investors and local developers come together. They turn the festival into an environment to make bigger plans.

They enjoy celebs and media. They seek to reach up to 200.000 visitors. To meet with 2000 media and films execs. To have 2.000.000 TV audience and 20.000.000 eyeballs on social media.

So what is right for your business? Exhibiting, SponsorshipOfficial partnershipStrategic partnership? Let’s know. We will tailor it together.


– Brings on board first, companies from Menifee. They know what’s good for them. 

Business Partners
Business Partners join Chairwoman’s Circle and enjoy VIPEvents with Hollywood celebrities during the festival.

– Agrees on a vision. Goes for the Win-Win-Win.

– Pays attention to partners’ return on investment (ROI). Better ROI means greater ROI for Docu Film. 

– Takes the lead. Docu Film sets the strategy.  

– Understands interests and goals of the partners. Tweaks the branding promptly if and when needed. 

– Brings celebrity power to the table. Title Holders get photo-ops with celebs. And more. Lot more.

– Selects the right brands. Brands share: Audience knowledge. Uniqueness. Passion. Consistency. Competitiveness. Exposure. Leadership.

– Groups cluster of companies. To address specific and wide ranging interests among visitors and audience. 

– Has a grand plan. Bottom line matters for everybody. 


Menifee is a fast growing new city. It has young demographics. A dynamic population. Developers are into residential and commercial projects. But manufacturing has not taking a hold there yet. One reason for that is said to be the lack of skill sets in the workforce.

Mt. San Jacinto College is one of the strategic partners of the festival. It is a great educational institution. It is expanding to fill the gap by adding classes and programs. Becoming a partner to the festival will contribute to this effort.


For two major Docu Film projects.

One will contribute to the education of the workforce. The other will improve the quality of life in the region. Inquire for details on the projects and how to partner. Email us at

It matters..

Get on Board First & Now!

It is a dynamic environment. But more so, it is profitable. For everyone!

The fastest way to get on board is to pick a sponsorship package. Or just become a Friend and join President’s Circle or Chairwoman’s Circle. Members of these circles are FriendsFirst. It is a great “Circle.” They act as a cohesive group. But members also pursue their own interests privately. Chair woman and president enable one-on-one meetings for each member.