DesertCircle one of OurCircles

“OurCircle” consists of nemerous groups of people across the world. There are no Millennials in it. CA Docu Film is created to appeal to the Millennials in order to include them into this circle of influence and priviledge.

They are expected to come from across the state.. LA, SD, Imperial, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange counties..

The communities from Santa Rosa Academy, Mt. San Jacinto College and MARCH Air Reserve Base are the first to join.


Here are the six different groups of people make up “OurCircle.”

Some has been there for a long time. Some others are newbly being formed.

If you think you belong to one of them, contact us!

  • ICONS CIRCLE                                                                                   Includes legends of the world

ICONS CIRCLE includes celebs appearing in the “ICONS in their own words” series. Others come among Hollywood legends, fashion designers, athletes, musicians, artists, presidents, royals, PMs.. Many are invited. Membership is by invitation only.

  • Kennedy family members like Patrick, Kathleen, Caroline, Kerry..
  • Shimon Peres, Henry Kissinger
  • Andrea Bocelli, Kid Rock, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones, Sheryl Crow
  • Robert DeNiro, Kathleen Turner
  • MEDIA CIRCLE                                                                                      Consists of global media execs and owners

Chairwoman is a world renown interviewer. She has a global media network. Her colleagues and friends make up this circle. Many are excited to be part of this festival. They are from NY, LA, London. Also from all over Europe and the Middle East. As well as Australia, S. Africa, India & Pakistan, China and Russia.

This Circle also includes correspondents, camera people, sound mixers, editors, producers, writers.. President was a press officer at the United Nations. He served 8 prime ministers. He has an affinity to members of media. So they are part of this circle.

  • CHAIRWOMAN'S CIRCLE                                                                                 The main event of the festival, hosted by Daphne Barak
    • Docu Film Festival is an int’l phenomena. Chairwoman is a top media personality in the world. She is popular in dozen major media markets. The VIPs that know her from these markets make up this Circle.
      • Friends from Indian Wells, Beverly Hills, LA, NY, Wash. DC.
      • Friends from London, Paris, Cannes, Milan, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Dubai.
      • Also others from Belgium, Greece, Poland, Mexico, Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Australia, S. Africa, Canada, China, Russia.
  •  PRESIDENT'S CIRCLE                                                                                 Put together by Bill Gunasti and hosted by Daphne Barak and her long time friends                 
    • Docu Film Festival is created with Millennials in mind. There are millions of them in the southern third of CA. In order to reach them and fund the effort to empower them, the President of the festival started his own circle.
    • This circle consists of two types of people. “Contributing Friends” and “Junior Friends.” The former are donors with resources. The are willing to be a part of an endowment. They are for the empowerment of Millennials. The latter are the recipients. They are students. They want jobs in media and films.
    • The VIPEvent, President’s Reception, brings together Contributing Friends – the VIPs. It introduces them to the GMs and owners of the great hotels of the world.
  • REPUBLICAN CIRCLE                                                                               Brings together elected officials and political leaders from southern California
    • The Chairwoman and the President of the festival became politically active in 2015. One of them ran  for Mayor of Palm Springs. The other managed the campaign.
    • Since that run, they became more immersed into the US elections. They deal with local and nationwide elections. Elected local officials and candidates now make up this circle.
    • The members of this circle are annually invited to the “Welcome Cocktail.”
    • Membership is by invitation only.
    • Please inquire to be part of 2016 premier.
  • SANTA ROSA CIRCLE                                                                                    One of the main pillars of the festival
    • Santa Rosa Academy is a very successful charter school. It is the only one serving Menifee. It is an integral part of the Docu Film. The students, their families and friends make up this circle.
    • The members of this circle are honored with the Santa Rosa Sports Night.