Docu Film offers variety of business opportunities. OfficialPartners enjoy the most of it. They are the key partners. They make multi-year plans. They have options and priority.

They have exclusive access to the festival grounds. They are the only brand in their field. They do not face competition. Rather, they enjoy a captive audience.

Moreover, Docu Film tailors events for them. OfficialPartners can become the solo sponsors of events. They are able to target audiences. Visitors, executives, VIPs alike. The can join marketing and PR efforts or do separate campaigns.

They are integral part of the festival. Their brand appears everywhere. They are promoted before, during and after the festival dates.

Docu Film grows every step of the way with the OfficialPartners. When their Return on Investment (ROI) increases, so does the ROI of Docu Film. They are in it together. They are the key partners.

DocuFilmFestival seeks to have OfficialPartners representing vehicules, soft drinks, resort hotel, technology, broadcaster
DocuFilmFestival seeks to have OfficialPartners representing vehicules, soft drinks, resort hotel, technology, broadcaster

Docu Film prefers to have a set of OfficialPartners. A set of brands, complementing one another. It believes that the multiple key brands in harmony have bigger impact on audience than one major sponsor. The combined message goes further, wider, higher.

Plus, having a group of great brands together makes the bar go higher. So the returns. The risks get smaller for everyone.

After all, Docu Film strives to become the biggest international documentary film festival by the numbers from the start. To do so, it believes it has to bring together key business partners and A-list celebrities.

Docu Film believes in celebrity power. But also, it has the means to bring it to the table. Chair woman makes use of it every step of the way. It is win-win-win.

Simply put, more brands mean more celebs. More celebs mean more exposure. And, more exposure is good for everyone. Docu Film increases the number of celebs with the number of OfficialPartners coming on board.

Celebs are iconic figures, Oscar winners and the likes. Also includes celebs from other countries. They are the ones with pull power. Their reach is universal and effective. They also have global presence, appealing local visitors, VIPs and global audience alike. They carry the message everywhere on all media platforms.


Docu Film has the right starting set in place. It is composed of a resort, a car, a drink, a broadcaster, a technology and a tour operator.

  • A ‘resort’ and a ‘car’ make great sense. A home and a vehicle to get there!
  • A ‘drink’ is a great addition to these two.
  • A ‘broadcaster’ is vital. It promotes everything.
  • A ‘technology company’ is a must. It is a necessity.
  • A ‘tour operator!’ It is original. It is what this festival is all about.

Here is what the OfficialsPartners are in for.

Official Resort

Provides room and board for Hollywood stars and VIP guests. It also hosts VIPEvents. Like Santa Rosa Sports Night and cocktail receptions. Also provides shuttle busses.

Official Tour Operator

Develops incoming tours, and markets VIPEvents overseas and across USA. It also does reverse tourism to PartneringHotelsWorldwide: They screen documentaries year round. Friends of the festival attend.

Official Car

 May be used shuttling visitors and celebs. May also be part of “car give-away” programs.

Official Drink

To be associated with VIPEvents. Millennial (Music) NightSanta Rosa Sports NightArtistic NightMt. San Jacinto Finale.

Official Technology Provider

Festival has audio, video, sound, light applications. Engages with online platforms.

Official Broadcaster

Founders are TV executive producers. Chair woman is world renown interviewer. She has a name recognition. She is syndicated globally. A media outlet with capacity to join forces. More than one media group maybe included. Many languages are served.