MtSanJacinto College

Dr. Roger Schultz runs the biggest community college in California: MtSanJacinto.

MtSanJacinto College and Docu FILm together plan to grow an internship program to be cherished by a whole lot of Millennials in the region.
MtSanJacinto College and Docu Film together plan to grow an internship program to be cherished by a whole lot of Millennials in the region.

It has more than 20K students. It plays a big role in the region.

Docu Film and MtSanJacinto are strategic partners. They have set common goals. They have decided on projects. One of them is an internship program.

The project starts on Sep 16, 2016. It focuses on four areas. They are Social (Digital) Media, Web Design, Business Administration (PR & Marketing), Video Production. Each area admits ten interns in the first phase. The number of areas and interns to be increased as needed.

Docu Film assigns tasks and projects for the interns. Faculty members oversee them.

MtSanJacinto is in charge!

MtSanJacinto reaches out to the students. Docu Film founders visit them in the campus. They meet and admit interns to the program.

In this premier year, the workload is like a crash course. Only 10 weeks to the grand event. And every thing starts from zero. Website must be built. Sales must be done. Online media must fly. Videos? They must be filmed, edited, make ready for screening.

The program lasts 3 months. From Sep 16 to Dec 16. Intern must complete 60 hours. And the first 40 hours by Nov 10. In return, intern receives a certificate from Docu Film. But also a chance to get a job. Some of the interns may be hired in November. Some others for the next year. Festival is a year round affair so there are lots of slots to fill. Second year is to be 5 times bigger than premier year. It means many times more interns will be hired within a year span.

Volunteers are on the same boat. They also get a certificate. They can also expect to be hired by the festival.

Here are some more info regarding the four areas of interest to Docu Film. And what they are looking for. Business Admin selects students and volunteers for PR & marketing. Areas of operations are very varied and paid jobs are there for all on board to get it. Social Digital Media looks for online platform expertise. Video Production requires knowledge of AVID or Final Cut or similar programming exposure or expertise. Web Design is with to be built ground up.

Since Docu Film operates as an LLC that looks on Return on Investment, interns and volunteers are sure to find it exciting. The work is demanding. The results are rewarding. Also, it is good to remember that Docu Film is in the business of film making. Its founders are EPs providing to the top TV networks worldwide including ABC, NBC, CBS prime time news shows in the past two decades.

To put it into perspective, an intern or a volunteer with potential, hard working habits, character, personality and ability is sure to gain from this one of a kind opportunity.

Interns first should be grateful for Dr. Roger Schultz to bring Docu Film on board. But also ensuring that this internship program takes off. Docu Film is a willing partner to make this work. They both expect students and volunteers to be on the same page with them. Those who will come on board first will benefit the most. Because it is already crunch time. There is work to be done. And those who do it right and fast will surely be contributing to the success of the festival. And they will be rewarded promptly.