ICONS play a significant role in the California DocuFilm Festival. First, they are invited to attend the glamorous Award Ceremony and other VIP events. Second, some of them are long time friends of the Festival ChairWoman Daphne Barak, hence they are expected to involve with the festival more ways than one. Finally, ICONS AWARDS that are to be bestowed on the winners in the DocuFilmFestival Award Ceremony on Sunday, December 11, will join ten new filmmakers in 2016, with the legends of the world in the ICONS CLUB.

The following ICONS and/or iconic personalities have so far been acknowledged as the Friends of the DocuFilmFestival, by the invitation of founders of the festival, some others through their association in documentary series, namely “ICONS (I) in their own words,”  executive produced by Daphne Barak with Bill Gunasti, yet some others because of their relationship with the founders, though now in memoriam (d.).

  1. Amy Winehouse (d.2013)
  2. Andrea Bocelli (I)
  3. Avi Lerner
  4. Caroline Kennedy (I)
  5. Cherie Blair
  6. Graça Machel (I)
  7. Henry Kissenger (I)
  8. Jacob Zuma – President of S. Africa
  9. Jon Voight
  10. Julie Collins (I)
  11. Kathleen Kennedy (I)
  12. Kathleen Turner (I)
  13. Kerry Kennedy (I)
  14. Kid Rock (I)
  15. Kweku Mandela (I)
  16. Lionel Richie (I)
  17. Luciano Pavarotti (d.2007)
  18. Michael Weatherly
  19. Mitt Romney (I)
  20. Mohammed Ali (I)
  21. Nelson Mandela (d.2013)
  22. Patrick Kennedy (I)
  23. Paul Kagame – President of Rwanda
  24. Paul Sorvino
  25. Raila Odinga – Former prime minister of Kenya
  26. Recep Tayyip Erdogan – President of Turkey
  27. Robert DeNiro (I)
  28. Sheryl Crow (I)
  29. Shimon Peres (I)
  30. Whyclef Jean (I)