*Screening documentaries in your business, home, parking lot, backyard, warehouse… Inquire by emailing us docufilmfestival@gmail.com. Make money doing it! Screen it before the festival and profit even more. Screen it multiple times. Contact us to learn more!

* Joining with a Hollywood star for a project or event at the California DocuFilmFestival. Yes! Yes!  That is what this app is designed for: it registers Hollywood stars and other global celebrities, approved by the festival’s Executive Board so that they can be matched when they register as APPLICANTS.

* Winning an award, and a big one for SHORT documentary, not to mention for medium or full feature ones. Awards come in variety forms and categories, acknowledging accomplishments of the new and seasoned documentary makers from colleges to numerous countries around thew world. Awards to be cherished because they meant to  empower filmmakers and bring opportunities.

* Making money in Menifee with your documentary or nothing to the with documentaries and film industry: Menifee is the second fastest growing economy in southern California which is considered one of the top ten economies in the world.

* Possibilities: They are endless in north America, California, Menifee. California Documentary Film Festival – DocuFilmFestival brings another dimension to everybody locally and globally simply because the sheer number of Hollywood stars willing to be part of it because this festival is to empower the youth as well as to bring the entertainment and media industry together like a mecca the region is known for and continues to be.

*Having your flag on a big poll for a month in California! DocuFilmFestival is an international event, meaning countries are represented with documentary submissions, visitors attending VIP events.. DocuFilmFestival will erect a flag poll for a month for each country participating the festival. Please inquire for details and how to maximize country/culture exposure.