GlobalDocs Sheryl Crow Daphne Barak

Documentaries must have universal story lines. Having a local flare helps too. DocuFilm turns them into GlobalDocs. That’s how they achieve their maximum potential.

To become profitable, GlobalDocs follow Hollywood’s path. Hollywood is still the dominant filmmaker in the world today. It generates sixty percent of its revenues from overseas markets.


Understanding the customer base is a key to make money from documentaries.

For example, while the “top ten most profitable movies in 2014 were made in the United States,” most of the profits came, by selling them in many foreign markets. Hollywood is increasing its bottom line by reconfiguring the movies according to the customers. Story lines do not change but definition of characters do in the films.

In the GlobalDocs this is not possible. GlobalDocs must find their own grove. DocuFilmFestival is the forum where they do.


DocuFilm believes that the countries with film industry can benefit the most. But, they must invest. They must attend the festival. The goal is to learn about GlobalDocs and how to implement them.

Countries come on board with their film festivals, film commissions, film studios, film schools and filmmaker associations. Public agencies can also join forces. Cabinet level involvement is even better.

The main advantage of the DocuFilm is its proximity to Hollywood. It is the birth place and still the dominant money maker in the world.  Meeting in Hollywood once a year may do wonders for everybody with stake in this industry!


DocuFilm focuses on fundamental elements of documentary filmmaking.

  1. The filmmakers. They are invited to submit documentaries to the festival for competition. That is the shortest, simplest yet most effective way of introducing themselves to this phenomena.
  2. The beneficiaries of the festival. The are business partners, like sponsors. They are also strategicpartners and Friends. They attend VIPEvents. They are the forums to have functional meet & greets. There, they exchange information and build partnerships.
  3. The public (governmental) representatives. A rare platform for them to interact with Americans and promote what their countries offer:  culture, resources..

DocuFilm invites public officials to sit on its board. They are the representatives of governments. Primarily, they are attaches, consuls, ambassadors. PR or law firm reps are also welcomed. Some have already joined.

The board facilitates interactions with their American counterparts. They meet industry leaders from Hollywood. It is a very active forum. And it is already operational. Others are welcomed.


Reps can join the board. But they must work first. They must bring something to the festival.

DocuFilm screens acclaimed documentaries. They are selected. The best ones are screened. They enter the competition. Reps can pass the word. They can bring documentaries. They can ask film schools to submit.

Reps can push tourism. DocuFilm has PartneringHotelsWorldwide program. It is highlighted at the President’s Reception. Hotels showcase the culture. VIPs enjoy the shows.

DocuFilm is the place to showcase their country. It offers great visibility. Interaction with tens of thousands of visitors is possible. Let’s not forget media coverage.

Media reps can be invited to help. They can promote it to local communities. That would bring more visitors. Ethnic groups that are inclined to the culture. It is an experience. It is win win.

Festival has fair grounds. Promotional ideas can include food, music, arts. Visitors are there to experience. Media is there to cover the festivities. It is time to make an impact on thousands.

DocuFilm is an annual event. Countries and institutions joining in the first year will have an advantage. One more year will be invested ahead of competitors. It is like building audience one year at a time. Building it with one item at a time.

Reps can invite a business partner to promote. A brand can seek to expand business in America. It can join forces with DocuFilm in promotion.

Simply put: DocuFilm is a viable partner. It is an instrument  to introduce your country and what it has to offer for the American market. The festival is the great forum to achieve that and lot more. Brands gain access to big market. Country benefits.

So what about GlobalDocs? Filmmakers will benefit the most. They will learn how to make, distribute, sell great documentaries. They will beat the competition. The country will make name itself too in the film industry.

California is world’s 8 biggest economy. Films are very big part of it. GlobalDocs can lay the foundation. It is a niche and growing market. Somebody has to capitalize on it. Why not yours? Why not through GlobalDocs? Why not now?