ICONS GalaDinner

GalaDinner Chairwoman of DocuFilm Daphne Barak with President Bill Gunasti n Prince Charles

GalaDinner is the event of the Chairwoman. It is the event of the festival. Hollywood A-listers are invited. So are the VIPs of the world. Also, Hi Society of Europe. Royals. PMs of countries. Political leaders from Wash DC.

Full of ICONS for sure! Just visit www.iconsintheirownwords.com. You get the idea who is coming? All those alive and can walk. They are invited. How many we have in the ICONS series. Library has 300 of them. Few dozen should show up. It will be a big party.


Who are the other famous guests? Famous from a dozen countries. Singers, actors, artists, athletes.. From Italy, France, Germany, UK, Australia, Israel, Turkey. Perhaps from Mexico, Poland, Belgium, Croatia too. Too many to list all. It is truly a global gathering. Topped with American stars.

Who’s Who…

It is the Hi-Life. It is Red Carpet, lights, cameras and glamour… There is music. Romantic music. Pop music. Classical music. Who sings, who doesn’t will not be known until the last moment. Last two weeks before the Kick-Off event. But when the show starts, it will be fun. Because it is an event where everybody knows everybody else. They are all by invitation only.

Including the visitors? Yes, what if you are a visitor? You will not be let alone. You will feel at home quickly. You will become part of the crowd. Part of the inner circle. If you are invited to this party, it means you are in. You deserve it. You have arrived. You will be introduced. You will mingle. You will do photo-ops. With Oscar winners too? Perhaps. You never know. It is a spontaneous affair. There are rules but … There are exceptions too.

There is live broadcast. Web streaming aside. Worldwide, that is. On all TV stations, syndicated by the Chairwoman. It means, there will be a spectacle. DocuFilm will ensure that there is one. Make-believe. Hollywood is in proximity. Nothing less is expected. When millions are watching. The show will be on.

To book your place please click here. It is first come first served.

GalaDinner is the  ultimate high light event of the festival
GalaDinner is the ultimate high light event of the festival

If you are a sponsor in the Red zone or have a Green zone or Blue zone package, this event most likely is included in that, otherwise you must book yourself.

If you must attend one VIPEvent, this is it. GalaDinner – The Chairwoman’s event at DocuFilm. The highlight of the festival.