FriendsFirst Chairwoman Barak n President Gunasti of DocuFilmFestival
The Chairwoman and the President of CA Docu Film. They join Friends in glamorous VIPEvents. Premiering in Menifee, December 9/10, 2016.

We meet here because you are FriendsFirst with Daphne and Bill.

Briefly, we are developing a documentary film festival. In Menifee, California. It is a fast growing town between Palm Springs and Beverly Hills. The median income is double of Palm Springs. And increasing.

It has a young population. They are also referred to as the “Millennials.” But they need more education. There is shortage of skilled workers.

Where did this idea come from?

As you know, Bill ran for Mayor, in Palm Springs. And Daphne, his campaign. That’s how they became politicians! But also, close friends of many elected officials.

One of them is Scott Mann, Mayor of Menifee. He asked Daphne to help create a magnet. Leaders from Sacramento and Wash DC doubled down. She agreed.

They came up with what they know best. Documentaries. They are known for that. For the best part of the 20 years. They have the A-listers. The Icons of the world. In their stable, as you know. That’s their realm.


As for the task at hand..

They mobilized their FriendsFirst. Daphne’s friends, that is.

They are Hollywood celebrities and media execs. Philanthropists. Also filmmakers. Famous ones, mostly. They come from all over the world. From a dozen country, but also from LA and NY.

So far so good. Here you can have a peak who is on board.

Of course, we did not post everything. We would not. Only what is needed. Or what can be made public.

We know you are one of their friends. The process is simple. Please choose if you would like to be in the Chairwoman’s or President’s Circle. It is all the same for us. And we will notify you on all events. Promptly. Year round.

Great to see you on the board.

But keep in mind, you are FriendsFirst, for us as well.