Friends of the festival attend VIPEvents. They support charitable projects. Friends come from all walks of life, income, corner of the world and beliefs.
VIPEvents are mainly for Friends. They come from all walks of life, income, and beliefs. They are from all corners of the world.

Friends of the Docu Film are philanthropists, small and big. Some have desire, will and capacity. They participate in charitable projects.

Some are celebrities. They have global recognition. And following. Some are listed as ICONS. They are A-listers, Oscar winners.

They are also VIPs. Wealthy and globe trotting elite of the world.


Friends attend glamorous VIPEevents. They get together in private, and functional meet & greets. The events are tailored for their needs and desires. They are by invitation only.

The chair woman and president host their events. They are designed VIPs, their Friends in mind.

They are intimate affairs. No matter how big they get. They are organized to remain cosy. They serve the expectations of the VIPs. What they are used to like exclusivity, glamour and dolce vita.

The chair woman hosts the “ICONS Gala Dinner.” It is a Hollywood A-lister-heavy event. The VIPs are celebrity, royalty, wealthy and political leaders. They come from all over the world. They join in Menifee once a year. They enjoy the glamour. But they are also there to network.

The President’s Reception revolves around hospitality business leaders. It mainly serves the globe trotting elite. The VIPs meet the GM’s of the great hotels of the world. For a good reason! It is a functional meet & greet. There is good food and drink. It is a social affair. But it is also informative, as well as entertaining. After all it is for Friends only!

The Mayor’s Welcome Cocktail is the Kick-Off event. It is for domestic dignitaries. It brings together local leaders, VIPs, celebs. Guests also attend. They are from LA, NY, Wash DC. But also from overseas. They come there to learn and invest.

These are the highlights of the festival. They are the forums for Friends. They take place in Menifee annually in December.

Some of the Friends are “FriendsFirst.” They attend events beyond festival dates as well. They meet at the great hotels of the world. They host charitable events. The GMs, attending the President’s Reception, provide them venues. In these events, Docu Film screens documentaries for select few. These year-round events allow the VIPs to mix & mingle in various global cities.


Most Friends attend events for charitable reasons. Docu Film promotes health and education based projects. Friends decide on the projects they lead. Some create endowments. Some others bring their ongoing projects for joint ventures.