Filmmakers BaraknGunasti

Filmmakers are strategic partners of the festival. Benefits are many. Here are the top ten good ones.

  • First, it is good to be in sunny California in the middle of the cold winter in December.
  • Second, California is the Mecca of the film industry. Great place for meet&greets.
  • Third, it is the first international documentary film festival in California.
  • Fourth, it is giving a rare platform to new comers.
  • Fifth, the prizes are very attractive.
  • Sixth, it has secured Oscar winners among Hollywood elite.
  • Seventh, the Master Classes are with Hollywood players.
  • Eight, the numbers are big: 200 thousand visitors, 8 major VIPEvents…
  • Ninth, it is an American brand with Hollywood trademark.
  • Tenth, it is the American Dream.

Filmmakers, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere!

This is America. This is California. This is Hollywood.

DocuFilm has the natural resources to lead. It has strength in numbers. It has more visitors, revenue streams,  and celebrity power. It has friends with charitable contributions.  It is in southern California. Proximity to Hollywood makes difference.

Leading documentary filmmaker associations have place on its board. Nurturing new and young documentary filmmakers is one of the priorities. Education and employment are top goals.

How DocuFilm is going about its business is important to know.

First, it brings lots of visitors to the screenings. Thousands of Millennials. Young and talented youth loves such environment. Social media takes root. It is experiential for them. It means lots of exposure for everyone.

Second, media is there. Print outlets focus on groups. TVs air in many regions. Web streams are plenty.

Third, studios are part of it. They look for films, contents, and talents. They invest in pros and new talents. Profit is their target. They also enjoy the process.

It is a vivid place for all. It is up to the filmmakers to explore.