Docu Film premiers between December 6-11, 2016, in Menifee, California. It is for everyone. It brings together visitors, partners, friends. It also brings VIPs, and new and pro documentary filmmakers. They come from across the world.

  • Visitors: Festival grounds is a festive environment. It is accessible with a ticket. It is a park-like large and secured compound. It is set up to screen documentaries open-air for the enjoyment of everyone.
  • Partners: They are sponsors, exhibitors, official or strategic partners of the festival. Festival creates wide ranging business and promotional opportunities.
  • Friends:  They are philanthropists. They are also interns, volunteers, contributors or donors. Some employ festival’s 501c3 status to empower masses. Some also join to enjoy VIPEvents.
  • Hollywood is in proximity to Menifee. And this festival makes the most of it. It is designed for Hollywood elite to enjoy it.  It is also for the industry execs to meet annually. They come from overseas. They migrate from one major festival to another. In December, Docu Film becomes their final destination.
  • F estival Chairwoman Barak with Barry Manilow and Lorna Luft
    F estival chair woman Barak with Barry Manilow and Lorna Luft

    Executives are documentary filmmakersChair woman is a well known television personality. Her interviews air in leading outlets worldwide. Her exclusives are historic.

“Jackie Chan Showing Hong Kong” and “Our Son: Michael Jackson” are two of her well-known documentaries. Her library has 300 original content like them. Each with an ICON.

Since 2015, they are producing ICONS in their own words documentary series. The first four are to be released in 2016. “Maestro at Home” is one of the four. It is with Andrea Bocelli. “The Kid from Detroit” is with Kid Rock. “Citizen Shimon” is with Shimon Peres. “America’s Son: JFK Jr” is with the Kennedy family.

  • Security is number one priority! Everybody must register with a valid ID. Entry to the festival grounds is with a ticket. It is good for seven days. Locals enjoy discounts. Large events are open-air. There are large outdoor video screens in multiple places. Visitors enjoy the festivities in peace. Families are able to relax.
  • More events with big numbers. There are 3 major annual VIPEvents. They are mainly attended by the Friends and Sponsors. They are by invitation only. “ICONS Gala Dinner” is the red carpet event. 4 outdoor events are free for local visitors. They are: A music night. A night of sports. A night of the arts. And a Finale, after the Awards Ceremony. Each with celebrities.

Docu Film starts its maiden journey major way. It strives to break records in its first year. It tries to become the biggest international documentary film festival. There are only ten other festivals to overcome in the world. With ten countries already on board, the work is almost done.

Festival plans to host 10 thousand visitors per day. For that, it appeals to 2 million people. They live within an hour distance. They have great deals & reasons to attend. There are 20 million more people within three hours. More incentives for them too. And it has 25 acre property to host all. Plus, there is a second campus. It is equally big. So there is room for expansion. The more the merrier.

Celebs are there. VIPs are there. Industry execs are there. Visitors are there. More importantly, great films are there. For a reason though! It is one of a kind. It is a ‘Must’ event of the year. Big awards prizes are another reason. They turn this into a dream for the filmmakers.

Partners and Friends of the festival agree. They believe that this will become the biggest documentary film festival in the world.