d2dCalifornia DocuFilmFestival is an experience for all ages.

If you are a film maker, aspiring to become one or just to see what the film makers are doing, and spend time watching documentary films, Menifee California will make this experience possible to tens of thousands attendees from southern California.

What to Expect at Festival

Weather you are a regular on film festivals or if this is your first ever attendance to a festival like this. Here below what to expect.

DocuFilm Festival is a first and foremost a trade gathering, combined with visitors, giving everybody a chance to meet or reconnect with friends, colleagues, enthusiasts, and aspiring filmmakers,  to come across with Hollywood celebrities interacting in their own environment, learn new skills, and get inspired.

Most attendees will wear business casual clothing, but come in whatever makes you comfortable, especially if you are a visitor! Families are welcome, especially Yellow zones are for all to enjoy with or without kids. The agenda in your registration packet, on the festival website, and mobile app, will be your guide for the festival.

Your first stop at festival will be the registration area to get your credentials. When you pick up your registration badge, it will give you access to all of the YELLOW zones / festival grounds where BLUE zones for workshops, GREEN zones for DIGI-EXPO, RED zone where major sponsors and RED CARPET are and BLCAK AND WHITE zones where screening auditoriums are located.  All workshops, digi-expo and red zone sponsored events are open for all registered visitors and attendees. Some areas require further registration, please inquire ahead of time through online platforms or by calling us because everything first come first served basis with limited availability.

As you walk through the YELLOW, BLUE, GREEN and RED zones throughout the festival days, you’ll see lots of exhibitors. From jewelry vendors to mail production shops to advocacy groups, to filmmakers to studios make sure you visit the exhibitors throughout the festival.

Festival kicks off with Mayor’s Welcome Cocktail, but check with festival website for all other activities, some may start as early as December 4 and Master Classes as early as Summer months.

You don’t want to miss the Millennial Night Out, Tuesday, December 6th, between 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM. Attendance fee is included in your registration price as well! Everybody can attend this event!!!

The VIP Receptions and other sponsored events, throughout the festival do require separate attendance fees unless they are part of the sponsored packages or special offerings you purchased. If you’re not attending any other extra-priced-events, there are lots of dining and viewing options on festival grounds with little or no more extra expense than your minimum registration fee of $10 dollars everybody pays to be part of this festival.

Yes, for only $10 dollars registration fee you can watch the films to be screened in this festival, visit exhibitors, enjoy shows, displays and invites open to public.

Throughout the festival you’ll see hospitality receptions listed on the agenda. These are typically open to all attendees, and hosted by various sponsors, exhibitors and organizations. There are receptions throughout the festival, small or large, private or public, see what works for you: some educational, some mainly for meet and greet, some for fun. The receptions are a chance for socializing, and many attendees attend some or all of them!

Sunday, December 11, Award Ceremony, is the highlight of the festival. DFF VIPs, attendees, sponsors are in assigned seating arrangements, while guests sit in marked areas.

Famous jury members will vote on the finalists and the results will be witnessed live by all visitors throughout the festival grounds through closed TV broadcast and live web-casting.

When the finalists of the 2016 festival receive their awards, California DocuFilm Festival 2017 preparations will start to make it even bigger and better than the premier event.