Committees of the festival

Executive Board of the Docu Film plans to achieve the goals of the festival by creating committees. Committee members listed on this page are to act on advisory capacity. They can also chose to volunteer additional work as they see it fit. Interns and volunteers are welcome to apply to take a role in these committees. Committee members will decide when to switch interns and volunteers into paid-contributors. Their accomplishments will determine the timing.

If you would like to be included in one of these committees and what these committees offer to you or your organization, please send us an email at, one member of the committee will contact you promptly.

Current committees

  1. Academic Committee
    1. Determines curriculum for the festival involving educational program on arts, entertainment and media. This curriculum is also the basis for the “California Internship Program” (CIP) that is regulating the internship program employed at the festival. Internship program at times award college credit. Dr. Shultz and his team at Mt. San Jacinto College will award the college credits to those qualified interns in conjunction with the committee reports on the interns. High school students from Santa Rosa Academy in particular will be beneficiaries of this internship program before students from other institutions can be admitted
    2. Bill Gunasti, Daphne Barak, Laura Badillo, Dr. Roger Schultz, Scott Mann
  2. Dare to Dream – D2D Committee
    1. Develops and promotes the Dare to Dream – D2D. The app currently has only one function: it signs up  APPLICANTS as interns, volunteers or donors/contributors to the festival. As a reward, this app matches each APPLICANT with a RECIPIENT, hand-picked Hollywood celebrity working on a project or two to benefit the festival
    2. Bill Gunasti, Mohammed Tawfik, Cory Saintgnue, Erin Sanders, Alyson Stoner, Daphne Barak
  3. Decoration Committee
    1. Decorates festival grounds at Santa Rosa Academy and Mt. San Jacinto College campuses and coordinates decoration matters with City Council for the rest of Menifee
    2. Daphne Barak, Laura Badillo, Roger Schultz
  4. Doctors Committee
    1. Evaluates and makes recommendations to the Executive Board of the festival, on documentaries containing medical issues
    2. Dr. Mark Hayman, Dr. Maryam Hekmat, Dr. Richard Godfrey, Dr. Ron Sabar, Dr. Maurice Levy, Dr. Stuart Kaplan
  5. Green Zone Committee
    1. Markets 10 by 10 slots to trade and designates the Green zones
    2. Bill Gunasti, Galia Bador, Scott Mann, Laura Badillo, Roger Shultz
  6. Judges Committee
    1. Invites and selects judges of the festival for the Award Ceremony
    2. Daphne Barak,
  7. Media / Press Committee
    1. Regulates media / press accreditation on the festival grounds and distributes media content on variety of platforms
    2. Bill Gunasti, Daphne Barak, Scott Mann, Dru Davis
    3. 1 SRA intern tba
  8. Legal Affairs Committee
    1. Deals with legal issues
    2. Stephen G. Larson, Scott Mann, Bill Gunasti, Daphne Barak
  9. Online Platforms Committee
    1. Determines details on the development of website
    2. Roger Schultz, Bill Gunasti
  10. Promotion and Marketing Committee
    1. Promotes and markets the festival in California, N.America and internationally
    2. Daphne Barak,
  11. Red Zone Committee
    1. Regulates Red zone in SRA
    2. Laura Badillo, Bill Gunasti, Daphne Barak, Scott Mann, Roger Schultz
  12. Security Affairs Committee
    1. Regulates traffic and human flow to the city and the festival grounds
    2. Bill Gunasti, Scott Mann
  13. Technological Matters Committee
    1. Handles audio, video, sound, light related issues on all indoor and outdoor properties within festival grounds and city limits
    2. Bill Gunasti, Scott Mann
  14. Veterans Committee
    1. Incorporates veterans into the festival
    2. Scott Mann, Bill Gunasti
  15. VIP Affairs Committee
    1. Designates and coordinates celebrities and dignitaries
    2. Daphne Barak, Bill Gunasti, Scott Mann, Roger Schultz, Laura Badillo
  16. Visitors Affairs Committee
    1. Regulates Yellow zones
    2. Laura Badillo, Roger Schultz, Bill Gunasti

Contact us if you would like to join committees listed here.

  • All committees report to the Executive Board of DFF.
  • Committee heads to request interns for their projects from Directors of the Executive Board Dr. Roger Schultz and/or Laura Badillo.