CIP Internship


CIP program prioritizes high schools and colleges in Menifee. Schools and colleges from proximity will be added in time. The goal is to reach out to all congressional districts. Southern CA is  the area of focus.

CIP internship aims to give students an opportunity. So they can gain valuable applied experience. Or make connections in professional fields.

CIP internship is a semester long. It has Fall, Spring and Summer sessions. It may or may not carry credit. May be paid or unpaid. It follows Department of Labor criteria. Summer interns come in May 1st and stay until end of Aug. Fall starts in Sept and stay until end of Dec. Spring starts first week of Jan and lasts until end of Apr.

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A. What is CIP internship

CIP internship is a meaningful learning experience. It requires intern to set professional goals.

  1. Includes
    1. Developing intentional learning objective goals
    2. Structuring into the experience
    3. Supervision by a professional.
  2. Promotes development
    1. Academic
    2. Career
    3. Personal
  3. Includes learning
    1. Objectives
    2. Observation
    3. Reflection
    4. Evaluation
  4. Balances the intern’s learning goals with the organization’s needs
  5. Typically lasts three months. May be part-time or full-time.
  6. Involves development
    1. Industry related
    2. Soft skill
  7. May be carefully monitored and evaluated for academic credit
  8. Provides
    1. Adequate supervision
    2. Reasonable safe environment
    3. Necessary tools to perform the learning goals
B. What CIP internship is not
  1. Free help
  2. Meant to replace an employee
  3. More than 20% busy work (filing, covering phone, errands).
C. Where to find the right intern for CIP

In High Schools

Students need to develop interpersonal and professional skills. These skills will allow them to discover areas they excel in. The experience increases desire to graduate. And pursuit for higher education.

In Colleges

Students learn how to apply at work place what they are thought in classes.  They explore career niches. They develop their professional skills. It is an opportunity to network. Or to enhance industry related skills. Or soft skills, leading from education to employment.

D. How is a CIP offer made to an intern 

CIP makes an offer to candidates with appropriate experience. They must have professionalism and maturity. It must be a beneficial fit for both ends. When an offer is made, a work schedule is set. Compensations agreed upon. After that paperwork is to be completed for the school or the college records.

E. How do student interns benefit from CIP program?

Students seek opportunities that stimulate their interests. They look for real-world experiences. A meaningful internship program will:

  1. Ensure the assignment of challenging projects and tasksDFF Intern Guide
  2. Provide projects that complement academic programs and/or career interests
  3. Give broad exposure to the organization
  4. Provide adequate, reliable, and regular supervision and mentoring
  5. Ensure interns are keeping pace and accomplishing goals
  6. Orientation
  7. Create a professional network
  8. Industry relevance
  9. Real life experience
  10. Enable the intern to establish a profession network.

Learning Goals

At the start of the internship, the supervisor and intern create a list of learning goals. It is also an opportune time to discuss: Work place requirements. Intern responsibilities. Hours expected to complete (to earn credit). Supervisors meet with the interns during the first week of the internship to discuss and negotiate learning goals.

F. Orientation of interns in CIP program

It is important that interns are warmly welcomed and introduced throughout CIP operations, just as a new full-time employee is welcomed. Not only are interns new to CIP, in many cases, they are new to the professional world of work.

During the orientation and training CIP will address issues and information involving organizational politics, the need for confidentiality, the importance of teamwork, or the profit-making nature of business.

So during orientation, in order to keep the expectations of the students in control, CIP will review

  1. Hours
  2. Dress code
  3. Overall responsibilities
  4. How to cope with absenteeism
  5. Safety regulations and requirements
G. Questions and Answers about the CIP Program

   1. What does cip hope to gain from the program?

CIP program plans to select number of Millennials from southern California for the purpose of exposing them to entertainment industry. The infusion of Millennials will create a positive dynamic between international community of entertainment industry professionals and and their American counterparts when everybody comes together in one place during this festival.

   2. Is CIP looking to fulfill a need on a specific project?

Every set of interns will be assigned on a specific project. The size of the sets will be determined according to the project at hand.

3. Will this internship (s) encompass one major project, or entail a variety of small projects?

Internships will encompass variety of small projects towards the success of one major project – festival between December 6 and 11, 2016.

   4. What are the tools and workspace necessary to provide the student?

Tools and workspace will vary on the nature of project assigned. Some require only online work which can be done remotely. Some will require technical work or personal touch at the festival grounds. In a sense, it is like a work in a park at times, unless one is confined to the editing rooms under the strict supervision of detailed work. In that case, there are softwares, hardwares and other equipments to deal with especially during filming and productions.

   5. What talents, academic background and experience to CIP want in an intern?

CIP will always be on the lookout for the talented. Production such as can accommodate all kinds of talented, experienced, ambitious…

   6. Who will be primarily responsible for the intern (s)? Will that person be a mentor, supervisor or both?

  There will always be a mentor and a supervisor with an intern. Both of them! They are paid and unpaid staffers of the high schools and colleges Docu Film works with.

   7. When can an intern make a positive impression on CIP program?

CIP will learn about a prospective Interns during an interview.

   8. How many hours is an internship program per week?

Most CIP interns typically must complete about 6 hours per week.

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