Celebrities are integral part of the festival

Avi Lerner Daphne Barak Jon Voight Bill Gunasti Paul SorvinoCelebrities are well recognized talents. They are mainly from Hollywood. They are considered Friends of the festival.

Some are legends, Oscar winners, A-listers. Others are up and coming young talents. They have following, yet limited, unlike iconic figures.


DocuFilm registers celebs. It welcomes talented. It strives to find new ones. It lists them. If you think you deserve to be on the list, click here. DocuFilm will contact you.

New and young celebs must first be approved. Others are honored guests.  They are icons, A-listers. Click here to see the current list of the young celebs and the ICONS.


Celebs come on board as Friends and Partners. They register to benefit from platforms.

They join charitable projects. They get free media. Local and global.

They become part of business deals. They bring value to the table. They get paid in return. Some receive cash. Others gain more than that.

Some are included in the “ICONS in their own words” series. Andrea Bocelli, Kid Rock, Shimon Peres are some of them. Robert DeNiro, Sheryl Crow, Quincy Jones are also part of it. There is room for the young and new ones too. Next to the legends of course.

Master Classes are for everyone. They can be for small groups. They can also be open air, for masses.

This is also the place to display hobbies. Celebs act and perform. Some also craft. Place to launch new paths.

It is up to the celebs to explore. They can perform in front of thousands. They can reach millions. They can go beyond north America. The world is big. DocuFilm brings them close.

VIPEvents have VIPs. Some would invest. Some to meet & greet only. They are all there to enjoy, to cherish. It would bear fruit in the right time. They are annual affairs. Like a club. Friends and Partners come together.