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California DocuFilmFestival joins (soon to be announced entity) as a lead partner of the DocuFilmFestival2016.

The goal of the festival is to become the biggest documentary film festival by the numbers in the world. Backed by local cities, educational institutions, political leaders and elected officials from southern California, festival is joining forces with major local and nationwide commercial brands.

The festival seeks to reach one of its goal by reaching out to southern Californians in the immediate vicinity of Menifee, namely Congressional Districts 27 through 50 – cities in proximity where visitors, Millennials, families would visit the festival grounds for business or pleasure.

In partnership with political establishments, media, entertainment and hospitality industries from major world economies, the festival already sits on strong pillars from the start. And now, it looks to coordinate efforts with local businesses and investors to maximize their interest under this unique umbrella to turn this festival into a magnet for the city and the region.

If you are a local business from Menifee and 42nd Congressional District or the surrounding districts from 27 to 50, visit Exhibitors or Sponsors pages. If you are a major brand you would want to choose between Sponsors and Official Partners. If you are a philanthropist or you don’t need brand exposure and remain quite, then you would chose to become a Friend.

Or you can simply chose to become a Strategic Partner and connect with select celebrities and globe trotting VIPs .

A good example for a strategic partnership is the hotel industry representatives that are coming to this festival, invited by the founders. 20 cities are selected, each to be represented with one hotel exclusively. Their GM will make personal introduction to a 2.000 VIP strong audience, and will offer to receive them as VIPs in their respective hotels when they visit.

Please make your selection how to register and be part of the festival. Your selection will indicate your status among VIPs. You can select to register as an ExhibitorFriendOfficial PartnerStrategic Partner or Sponsor. And, no matter how you register, you will gain access to attend the following VIP events. After you register, you will be contacted and your passes will be issued.

How important and unique are these four events compare to events in other festivals?

Each one of the DocuFilmFestival events is hosted by one person: one of the founders or executive board members. Each invites guests that are specific to the theme of their evening. There is personal introduction of VIPs to one another throughout the night. These are not events where guests do not know who is who or what to do or are forced to stay in their seat all night. Rather, the VIPs are escorted, introduced, attended in person, more often than not by the host and hostess of the event – the founders and the executive members themselves.

There are no other VIP events like that. That’s why people will travel annually to California to congregate in Menifee in December.

Mayor's Welcome Cocktail
leaders and elected officials from southern California
will join other dignitaries and guests 
for a meet-and-greet

President's Reception 
partnering hotels will be introduced by their GM 
2.000 globe trotting VIP guests and Hollywood elite
will be exposed to wide ranging cultures and surprise
ICONS Reception and Gala Dinner
Hollywood celebrities, together with the ICONS of the world
like Andrea Bocelli, Kid Rock, Shimon Peres, Nelson Mandela, 
will be honored by their peers, VIPs, global socialites in attendance
Awards Ceremony
Winners will be awarded and celebrated 
others will be inspired
to make next year even better will start