About You – Beneficiaries

Festival sits on three pillars. A city, a high school and a college. All in Menifee. They are the first set of beneficiaries. They are on the same page with Docu Film. They share the grand vision.

After that come Partners and Friends. They are vital to the success of the festival. Like film makers, interns and volunteers, they are all beneficiaries. They gain from the festival.


The city brings a great location. It is near Hollywood. Plus, it is in the middle of a fast growing region, where there are so many Millenials. They are all looking for inspiration and opportunity.

Educational institutions bring hope for the future, the students. They are the basis for this project to prosper. Together they make a solid foundation for the festival.

Partners have commercial interests. Their projects, businesses, investments matter to the festival. With them, the vision becomes bigger, wider and higher.

Friends are not far behind. Also Hollywood elite. Some of them, Oscar winners. They support the vision. They bring ideas, celebrity power and funds.

  • Partners promote brands, products and services. They join the festival to increase their bottom line. Some find it in the VIPEvents. That is where they meet & greet. They coalesce. They build partnerships. Some others market to the visitors. All of them cherish media exposure.
    • Exhibitors and Sponsors are Partners of the festival. They are there for PR and marketing. They make sales.
    • Official Partners are the biggest supporters of the festival. They have priority. They work with the Docu Film before, during and after. They are in it for the long haul.
    • The festival is a year round affair. Some events take place around the world. Strategic Partners provide venues and programs. Docu Film joins them there. To learn more visit PartneringHotelsWorldwide.
  • Film makers come for competition. Some through referrals. Some are recommended. Some from film schools. They gain the most. The festival is created to serve them first.
  • Interns come from local schools. Volunteers from nearby. They seek exposure and jobs.
  • Friends join for philanthropic reasons. They are VIPs. But they are also FriendsFirst and celebrities. They bring a lot to the table. But they also take back a lot. It is a mutual affair.

Beneficiaries have options. They are welcome to join Chairwoman’s Circle or President’s Circle. After that they can tailor the status of their brands with the Docu Film. Or they can choose directly their level of partnership. Their place in the ‘circles’ are adjusted promptly.

Beneficiaries promoting brands, products and services
Exhibitors, Sponsors, Official and Strategic Partners are Beneficiaries of the festival. They promote brands, products and services.
Sponsors, Official and Strategic partners, Exhibitors are all Partners.




Major Beneficiary, resort hotel in proximity to the festival
A  resort hotel in proximity to the festival grounds soon to be announced as an Official Partner of DocuFilmFestival.


OfficialPartners    enjoy the same benefits with Sponsors and Friends. They work with Docu Film before, during and after the festival. It is a year around work.

  • Official Resort of the Festival….. Leaders
  • Official Car of the Festival…………….Leaders
  • Official Drink of the Festival…………Leaders
  • Official Technology Provider of the festival…Leaders
  • Official Broadcaster of the Festival..Leaders



  • StrategicPartners are listed per country: They enjoy the same status with Sponsors and Friends. They are mainly from Europe.
Friends have a hierarchy.