About Us

CA Docu Film is composed of two executive producers.

Among other things, they are currently known with their “ICONS in their own words” documentary series. Their world revolves around A-listers of Hollywood and the likes.. Shimon Peres, Andrea Bocelli, Kid Rock, Kennedy and Mandela families, Sheryl Crow, Robert DeNiro, Kathleen Turner, Lionel Richie. Dr. Henry Kissinger…

At first, they sought to create a magnet to bring the documentary film industry to the region. After few months on the mend, their project turned into an umbrella organization. Number of cities showed interest to join their effort.

In this inaugural year – 2016, they are launching the festival in multiple locations with number of VIP events.


When they first set foot in the region in 2015, Menifee was a newly incorporated city. Nothing seemed to strike their fancy. In fact, they were in a make shift tent. The city elite was there. They were celebrating their 7th year anniversary.

They were invited there by Scott Mann. He was its mayor then. He had the vision to approach to globe trotting television personality Daphne Barak. She happened to spend some time in the region at the time. Her partner Bill Gunasti was running for mayor in Palm Springs in 2015.

At the end, Mann convinced Barak to help develop a magnet for the city. He asked her to lead it.

Barak is known to the world with her books and exclusive TV interviews. She conducts them with A-listers of Hollywood and world leaders. They are printed worldwide. They are filmed for the likes of 20/20 ABC, Dateline NBC and 48 Hours CBS. Dozen other leading media outlets worldwide are also part of her syndication. She has been doing it past twenty years. Naturally she determined that if she were to involve, the magnet would have something to do with the entertainment and media industries. That is how the Docu Film Festival idea came about.

After that, they reached out to Laura Badillo, executive director of Santa Rosa Academy.  Her charter school was an ideal location for this endeavor. Dr. Roger Schultz, president of Mt. San Jacinto College joined them soon after.

To see the rest of the team, visit boards and committees.

The cities and public and private institutions that are coming on board will be listed here in due process. Their leaders are being invited as strategic partners. Together, they will be the execs running and growing this project county wide and more in the coming years.